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Roger Grannis is a force of nature—a communications expert, humorist, and motivator all rolled into one.

Manny Fernandez, former CEO, Gartner

Want to ensure success at your next event? Hire Roger Grannis as your keynote speaker. He will inform and inspire when you need him most, whether it’s establishing your theme at the open, infusing energy at a luncheon, adding a dose of humor after dinner, or driving home key messages at the close.

From the serious to the lighthearted, Roger will craft a customized message that will:

  • Eliminate ZZZZZs in the conference hall
  • Energize the audience
  • Provide tangible, actionable takeaways that support your objectives
  • Avoid the risk of low meeting ratings
  • Reinforce key themes
  • Underscore initiatives and learning
  • Reduce stress
  • Ensure your success

Some of our most popular keynote titles include:

  • Too Much Blah Blah and Not Enough Ah Hah
    -Make your messages stick
  • Practical Persuasion
    - Influence with Eloquence
  • Communicate for Results
  • I Never Met an Objection I Didn’t Like
  • Powerful, Persuasive, Presentations


  • Electrifying.

  • The highlight of the meeting.

  • Offbeat and funny. And highly relevant.

  • This guy understands the plight of salespeople.

  • I made sure I was back from the breaks for the laughs.

  • I felt sorry for the presenter who had to go after him. Roger is that good.

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