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Our Story

The seeds of Clearview24 were planted in the early 1980’s when Roger Grannis, our founder, was a young sales representative at Osborne/McGraw-Hill, a computer book publisher based in the flatlands of Berkeley, California.

It was a heady time, the dawn of the personal computer revolution. Roger discovered a problem: The technical experts who wrote the books could not summarize the contents in clear, succinct terms. As a result, the sales team struggled to find the crisp, compelling descriptions they needed to convince buyers to stock the books in their stores.

The same phenomenon existed at Roger’s next career stop, Gartner, the world’s leading technology advisory firm. At its first national sales event, Gartner’s computer experts droned on and on using technical jargon and complex language that left the sales team dazed and confused. The event felt like Woodstock—three days of noise that nobody could quite remember.

Roger made his feelings known. The VP of sales said, “Fix it.” And Roger did, by:
  • Building a comprehensive sales training curriculum that contributed to revenue growth from $15 million to $850 million
  • Shepherding the rollout of more than 20 company acquisitions
  • Conducting 500 hours of train the trainer sessions
  • Producing and hosting 153 episodes of Talking Technology, a podcast that distilled the most critical issues in IT using accessible language and an easy-to-use format
  • Coaching IT experts through more than 1000 recorded interviews
  • Hosting and emceeing more than 100 sales and corporate events around the world
In 2004, Clearview24 was born. Our mission? To help Fortune 500 companies around the world drive sustainable growth through more effective communication.

Our clients tell us six things set us apart: Expertise, creative flair, integrity, energy, humility, and humor. Plus, we are fun and easy to work with.

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  • Look at where you are right now with your critical communication competencies
  • Uncover gaps and areas for improvement
  • Paint the picture of where you’d like to go and get clarity on your ultimate destination
  • Talk about what other leading executives and companies in your situation have done to create success
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